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Andrew Shaffer Gaming Pixel Art Graphics Collage iPhone Games


Welcome to Andrew's Arcade! A place to discover iPhone games with crispy graphics and fun, snappy gameplay. Here you will find links to all of the games I have designed. Enjoy them on iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. Thank you for visiting!


Nine Minute Mayhem

In Nine Minute Mayhem, You must survive for Nine Minutes while being surrounded by waves of hostile enemies. Choose your weapons wisely, or be consumed by this dangerous world!​


As you play you will unlock new characters with unique special abilities, and spend coins to upgrade your strengths.

​Can you survive?

Party Alien

Party Alien puts you on the ground as an alien impostor! To win over the local human population, you will need to party your way into their hearts. You break into dances to get people partying with you, then after a few seconds they are lifted off the ground and into your alien spaceship above.


Beware of Space Troopers! They will ruin the fun for everyone! Thankfully, you can defeat them with your superior alien technology.


Compete for a high score on the Leaderboard, or just play to enjoy the party!

IMG_4344 CROP no alpha.png
Run Jump Go Andrew Shaffer iPhone Game App Download Free Endless Runner Pixel Art Graphics


Run Jump Go is a side-scrolling, endless running, fantasy game. It was inspired by the endless runner games I used to play in web browsers years ago. You will hold the device horizontally with both thumbs ready to tap. Your character runs automatically, but you must tap the left or right button to either JUMP or perform a DASH ATTACK. Time your button taps perfectly to survive and set a high score!

Jetpack Wizard

With its steady pace, Jetpack Wizard is smooth and relaxing experience. Ride through the stars on a magic jetpack and hover over enemies to defeat them. Don't forget: a gentle touch is all it takes! Lightly tap the control buttons to hover in place with precision!

Jetpack Wizard Gameplay Andrew Shaffer Pixel Art Fantasy Space Games
War Drum RPG Screenshot Dragon Boss Fight Andrew Shaffer Pixel Art Games
War Drum Andrew Shaffer Swamp Story Screenshot Pixel Art Dialogue


War Drum is similar to an "idle" RPG, in which characters attack enemies on their own and you the player choose how they level up and use abilities. Except there is a twist! You tap an on-screen drum below the battlefield to get your heroes attacking, and as your heroes charge up you must tap on them to unleash their special abilities!

This is the most extensive game I have designed. It features a total of 11 playable levels, eight playable characters, and many types of enemies. War Drum also features a story that unfolds as you play, in the form of conversations between heroes, enemies, and other characters they meet along the way.

Flying Duck Arcade Andrew Shaffer Gameplay Screenshot

Flying Duck Arcade

Inspired by classic games and reminiscent of a shooting contest, Flying Duck Arcade gets more difficult the longer you play. Each round, you must shoot more flying ducks as they dart around the screen. Don't forget: you only get three shots before you will need to reload!

Bit Hunt Andrew Shaffer Pixel Art Graphics Arcade Style Hunting Game

In Bit Hunt, you play as an archer shooting arrows at wild creatures. When you defeat a large animal, a bomb will fall from the sky as a reward. If you shoot the BOMB with one of your ARROWS, more cool things will happen...

Bit Hunt

Extreme Skate Andrew Shaffer Gameplay Endless Runner Pixel Art Graphics

Extreme Skate

Skate upside down, and then skate right side up again with the gravity defying Extreme Skate! Touch the screen to flip back and forth between the top and bottom of the screen. Grind along obstacles to get points, and collect coins to unlock exciting new skaters!

Tilt Heroes Andrew Shaffer iPhone Game Pixel Art Graphics Rogue Light Gameplay Screenshot

Tilt Heroes

The movement of your hands controls your destiny! Tilt heroes is a motion controlled, side-scrolling game with some light rogue like elements. It is designed so that with a little patience and practice it can be beaten in one sitting.

Basball Derby Pro

This home run hitting baseball game is the oldest game I have made that still is available to download. Time your swing and hit it out of the park!

Baseball Derby Pro iPhone iPad Home Run HItting Game Andrew Shaffer Pixel Art Graphics
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